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Parish Council lease for the playing field and car park

The Parish Council is in discussion with the landlord regarding removing some anomalies in the playing field lease and including the car park in the lease.

One area of discussion concerns the fact that the current lease does not allow the Parish Council to sublet, so if the Village Shop were in a position to go ahead, it would not allow the Parish Council to lease the land.

Another is inconsistences in the curtilage of the Village Hall and the playing field leases.

And finally, there is currently no authority for the Parish Council to maintain and regulate the car park.  Over the years the Parish Council has kept the hedge trimmed and the litter picked to ensure the car park is clean and attractive.  Given that this work is funded by the public precept, it is important that the Parish Council has the relevant authority if it is to continue to do so. The Parish Council is awaiting a response from the landlord on these points.