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October 2018


Do you care about the future shape and size of the parish of Kilmersdon?  Do you want to see local green spaces retained? Do you think the parish needs more affordable housing?

All these questions can be addressed by a Kilmersdon Neighbourhood Plan which would feed into the Mendip Local Plan.

The Parish Council supports a Neighbourhood Plan but this requires input from villagers as well as Councillors.

If you are interested in becoming involved in developing the Plan please come along to an open session with the Parish Council on MONDAY 15TH OCTOBER AT 7.30PM at Coles Garden Meeting Room to find out more.

Why does this matter? Because Mendip District Council will shortly be given new targets which will substantially increase the number of houses to be built.

This is our opportunity to have an influence on our future. Other villages have started their Plans and we do not want to be left behind. Please come along.