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March 2019

The Neighbourhood Plan Working Group have met twice since our last note in the Parish News. We invited a consultant (Liz Beth who has worked on both the Rode and Norton St Philip Neighbourhood Plans) to our meeting in February to provide us with advice on how to take the Plan forward within the Parish. Her key message was the need for community involvement and we will be arranging meetings/questionnaires in due course to ensure that everyone is able to have a say about the future shape of our Parish including housing development.

At our meeting on the 12 March we agreed that we would engage Liz for short periods of support over the next twelve months, subject to funding and that we would be applying for that from Locality (which supports local community groups) although we are unable to do this until April. The Working Group also felt it was important that regular updates were provided in the Parish News as well as on the Parish Council webpage (under the Planning tab).

Anyone is welcome to contact me if they would like more information about the Neighbourhood Plan process or would like to be involved in some way.

Donald Hudson………Parish Councillor